Flange Block Bearings

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Mounted bearings consist of a bearing insert combined with a bearing housing to form a ready-to-use mechanism that has a finished mounting surface and can be bolted into place. Three common types of mounted bearing are pillow block, flange block, and hanger bearings , and each has properties that suit it to a particular task.


Two bolt flange bearings are used in applications where a flange bearing is needed and the space is limited. Be sure to refer back to these pages frequently. We are always updating and adding sizes and styles. UCFL200 Series. Standard duty two bolt flange bearing with a wide inner ring and two set screws.Thread-MountBearings. Combine with threaded pipe to mount these bearings in a variety of positions without the need for a flat mounting surface. Bearing Housings. Mate one of these housings with your own bearing to create a custom mounted bearing. Other Pillow Block Bearings. Mounted Linear Bearings.


NTN UCFU-1.1/2 Flange Block Bearings

2.031 in MUC210-31
4180 lbf MUCF200

NTN UCFU-1.1/4 Flange Block Bearings

1700 kgf Four-Bolt Flange
MUCF200TC Contact with Flinger

HUB CITY FB160 X 1 Flange Block Bearings

7316577415950 Eccentric Collar
1.4375 in Cast Iron

IPTCI NANFL 202 10 Flange Block Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

IPTCI NANFL 201 8 Flange Block Bearings

Standard 9mm
8.59 42mm

IPTCI NANF 211 32 L3 Flange Block Bearings

4.1406 in Four-Bolt Piloted
3460 lbf UKX06+HE2306

IPTCI NANFL 204 12 Flange Block Bearings

SAEJ1120 Unlubricated
Alloy Steel - heat t 0.5000 in

IPTCI NANF 207 23 Flange Block Bearings

Expansion Bearing &# Spherical Roller
136 lbs 212000 lbs

IPTCI NANF 208 24 L3 Flange Block Bearings

3.3448 in Exceptional Bearing
0.7000 in -22 to 400°F

IPTCI NANF 209 28 Flange Block Bearings

Dry 24.5;Dry St 82 mm
30 mm Dry 1.63, Periodic l

IPTCI NANF 215 47 Flange Block Bearings

3 Oilite®, Synthet
Click here 2 in

IPTCI NANF 212 39 Flange Block Bearings

1.5 mm 150 mm
Uncoated 81.5 kN